The DNA strands of a business enterprise are an inter-woven delight of ethics and etiquettes as noted by snap on routes for sale . It defines the code and it is important for any student to delve deeper and try to unravel its secrets. Today, a growing number of companies have values-based, globally consistent programs that give employees a fair level of understanding that allows them to make suitable decisions when facing new challenges. The scope of business ethics includes a company’s actions with not only just how it treats its employees and follows laws, but to the texture of the relationships it wishes to have with shareholders, customers, business partners, suppliers, the community, the environment, individuals, and even with the future as it unfolds. To get the opinion from a business expert you can check with Andy Defrancesco.

Ethics matters because it makes good business sense to “do the right thing”. Additionally, good corporate ethics results in:
•    Attracting better talent
•    Retaining employees
•    Attracting new customers
•    Retaining customers
•    A Positive effect on ROI
•    A Positive effect on Corporate Reputation
Etiquette is essentially presenting oneself to convey a fine civic sense.
According to Robert K Bratt DLA Piper, a successful COO himself, social skills create the right impression on those with whom we are likely to have any business dealing. Social skills comprise of the ability to converse intelligently and transact purposefully with an individual or a group of individuals.  People and their perceptions matter in the success of any corporate, so lacking in social skills and values to principles and life, may loose potentially worthwhile and profitable business alliances. Behavior is perceived as a reflection of an individual’s attitude and values. With their help our venture experiences an upward spiral. Thus ethics and etiquettes in business is really about WHO YOU ARE. The indifferent attitudes of owners or principal shareholders, stakeholders and even managers and employees can be detrimental for a business.
Technology can at best, serve but cannot be the master. Humans with an enhanced sense of ethics and etiquettes will still continue to be the master after all!

[Arvind Passey]
Written for PT Education