Do I hear you say, “It is easy said then done?” If that is the case then let us share with you a small but important story by Lisa N. Redavid. Read the story and let the elements in it slowly pervade your senses. That in itself will make you think of the possibilities that life offers. The article reads almost like a poem… for life is all about finding the right rhythm and the right beat. Especially at this time when you are all poised to take a jump that is beyond theoretical preparation. CAT written examination is now over and the remaining sessions will rely on your attitude.
Just believe in the dictum: ‘Anything is possible.’ With this belief and the potential of the story that you are about to read, you will begin to sing the song of success with me and my words.
There once was a girl who ran very slow,her true potential she did not know. In every race she always placed last, losing all hope as she got passed.
Her coach encouraged her to just do her best, although it hurt her that she couldn’t run with the rest. She went to practice day after day, praying to God “Just let me run away.” She didn’t know what she had to gain. One day while she sat at home all alone, she heard a ring and answered the phone.
“Hello?” she asked in a sad voice. The caller told her she had but one choice; “You can cry in pity, you can hide in shame or do what you must to get back in the game.”
“Excuse me.. but,” she began to say. “No excuses” he replied, “Now be on your way.” She didn’t know how, she didn’t know why. She just knew that she must try.
Later that week she ran in a race, starting off faster at a quicker pace. She knew that no one believed she could win; she was all on her own using strength from within. Chasing her goal as she went along. Suddenly the finish line was in her sight, she knew she could hang on for a finishing fight.
She began to sprint and open her stride. The crowd cheered on and she filled with pride. At the finish she was leaning over the line, winning as first with a record time.
She looked at her coach, who smiled and said, “I knew you could do it! It was all in your head!” A reporter walked up and asked of her name, “How did you do it? Do you like the fame?”
Questions were asked all and about, but there was only thing she wanted to shout: “Anything is possible when you believe you can attain whatever you set out to achieve.”
With that comment she turned with a smile for “One man’s marathon… is another’s mile.”
So what are your views now my dear friend? Yes, it is indeed all in the mind and with strong determination everything has a fair chance to become possible!

“Excellence can be obtained if you care more than others think is wise; risk more than others think is safe; dream more than others think is practical; and expect more than others think is possible.”

The above is not just a quotable quote, it is the essence of life that produces winners and at a stage when you are preparing for the final jump to the MBA institute of your dreams, you have to do it first in the interstitial spaces of your mind and only then will it manifest itself in reality!

As stated in the title and also in the text above, ‘anything is possible’ if you think it is. Sometimes what you really need is the right mentor to suggest you the right the most appropriate direction! Your search begins NOW!

[Arvind Passey]
Written for PT Education