PT QuizWiz is a mega-quizzing event with an objective of ensuring the presence and deep penetration of the brand PT in the campuses for years to come through the concept of a revolving trophy.

To have a fair idea of this simply astounding event that PT hosts, lets review it as the event unfolded in 2006. The initial screening (Written Test) was done on September 08, 2006 across India. From more than 20000 teams who appeared in the Written Test, 64 teams were short-listed. Among these 64 teams, regional final rounds were conducted on 13th & 14th Sept 2006 via video conferencing at Reliance World.

Finally, 16 teams were short-listed from each of the 16 regional rounds. They arrived on 21st September 2006 at Indore and competed in National semi-finals. 4 teams were tested for their (un)common sense in the National Finals on the same day!

As always, an elaborate media campaign and an avid quizzer of repute are a must for such an event to be successful. The initial rounds in the campus were beneficial both for the colleges and us. It gave us a presence in the campus and the college got media limelight and flake.

It is vital to keep up the tempo with repeated communications in the local media at each stage and to position these communications at exactly the same location to maintain a sort of continuum in the announcements. A very important factor for such an activity to yield the right results will be to place the stakes (Winnings) high and well publicized. A very prudent step in this direction will be to associate with a reputed daily as a media partner. All this was adhered to during this event, and its success is ample proof of the hard-work that went into the conceptualization and implementation of each step. This event too proved the impact of the TDpro engine advantage that PT is proud of.

The marketing teams at the centres ensured that brand ambassadors in the colleges registered a good strength of quality participants for the quiz through a positive word of mouth.

The multifold benefits to the PT Centres conducting such an activity included a stupendous branding of PT Education; an immediate presence in all the participating colleges; an opportunity to showcase in-house expertise in the field of education and also the availability of the immense untapped talent available in the colleges.

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[Arvind Passey]