In the previous article we gave you insights into the world of goals, goal-setting, and information to help you understand them. MBA aspirants must now know what the right steps will be while deciding the methodology of achieving your goals! Here are some steps to follow which will support you in achieving your goals.

Identify your destination
If we don’t have a destination in mind, we are likely to stay where we are. MBA aspirants must use their imagination to envision their educational pathway, professional future, or whatever their heart desires. To help motivate you towards your goal ask yourself why you want it. What will it do for you? How will you feel when you get it? Spending five minutes each day imagining having your goal and what it would look and feel like will inspire you to move towards it as well as exert a pull on you. Your desire gets stronger and so does your will to reach your goal.

Brace yourself for action
Glitches can occur, blocks can pop up and obstacles can threaten to halt progress even the best laid plans of action. When we move into resistance or try to deal with the situation from an attitude of struggle, the problems usually loom bigger than before or get lodged into place. By maintaining an attitude of trust and taking action from a place of effortless ease, obstacles miraculously melt away or new opportunities reveal themselves. The solution is to breathe deeply or find something to laugh at as a way to move back into a state of ease.

Stop thinking of the process and outcome
Every planned step towards the decided goal is vital, but if we get fixated on them or on the final outcome we can actually impede our own progress. Focusing too specifically on how something is supposed to occur creates tunnel vision and blocks the abundance of opportunities waiting on the outskirts. The right mentor teaches you new ways of doing things and see how much more quickly and simply you achieve your goals. What matters is learning these techniques and mastering them through practice.

Stop thoughts of incompetence
The biggest crime a student can commit is to feeling undeserving, guilty or not good enough. Even if on the surface we feel great about having our aspirations, if we harbor any underlying doubt or limiting beliefs we will find a way to sabotage our own best interests. Use your imagination again to envision actually having what you want in your life and notice if any uncomfortable feelings or thoughts come up that say no to this. Imagine releasing them right out of your space and see them drift away into nothingness. You can learn to shift and release any blocks in order to create whatever you want in your life. Entertain only thoughts of success and learn all that is to be learnt to approach it. Getting through MBA-entrance needs this attitude!

Be gracefully grateful
Being gracefully grateful is like being in a perpetual state of abundance. Like attracts like so if we want more of anything in our life we need to be in a state of abundance, feeling grateful for all the learning opportunities we already have in our life and feeling optimistic about attracting more of it into our life. If we focus on what’s missing or going wrong in our life, we’ll simply attract more of that, so use your imagination to inspire you into an uplifting mood in order to manifest all your goals for coming year. Think of all that you can learn that will help you reach the institute of your choice.

The simple facts in the article help you in coherently approach your planned goals and your pursuit of them!

[Arvind Passey]
Written for PT Education