Who isn’t looking for pre-fabricated templates for success? It isn’t just professionals who look for them, it is students too who have examinations and entrance tests to aim for. With Today’s fast paced lifestyle, it is crucial to embrace and implement simple strategies for achievement and fulfillment. Your job in this life is to follow your bliss, design your destiny and consciously direct the steering wheel of your life.

It is rightly said that if you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they might have planned for you? Not much. If you don’t implement a system for setting and achieving Goals, the winds that blow in life will sweep you off course and into a life of reaction. Having a plan you can integrate for each goal you set will ensure you are in a proactive state instead of a reactive state.

A template is like a resolution and is not a mere hope or a wish… it’s a Goal that you are committed to with plans for attainment that inspire and motivate you to take consistent, persistent, decisive action.

Giving you a template of ten Ts that can help you in your march towards success:

Student aspirations and thirst go together! Cultivate a burning desire for something, originating beyond mere hopes and ideas. You must have compelling dreams, a thirst, a hunger and desires that are so inspiring and motivating, they provide you with enough internal drive to fuel you and keep you going when things don’t go as planned. The stronger your WHY, the more successful you will be. You must feel a magnetic pull towards something that is meaningful and significant to you.

Why must students be afraid of targets? You must define the targets, the outcomes, the goals, the destinations clearly and in as much detail as you can. Use your imagination to visualize and experience the deep emotions of what it will feel like when your goal is achieved.

3. TASKS: Come on now, a task is not a chore! Working from your targets and outcomes, work backwards and map out the tasks, activities and the things you must do to advance towards your goal. A big goal is actually made up of several smaller goals or Tasks. Do the small Tasks and the big goal WILL be realized.

4. TIME: Hello aspirants! Stop whiling away your time! It takes time, a timetable and effort to bring your dreams to life. It requires consistent, persistent effort. Treat time as a precious resource and invest it wisely. Create a timetable and schedule your tasks in your calendar, creating an action plan, broken down into small, manageable steps with a sequential order so that you know what will be done and when you will do it. As you create your timetable, your goal becomes tangible. Every goal has it’s own gestation period.

5. TEAM: Every student must realize that it is teams that win, and it is teams that reach their goals faster! Enlist a team of talented people in the form of friends, family, coaches, partners, teachers, mentors, and supporters, whatever it takes. The bigger the goal, the more outside support and contributors it will require. The team you put together can make all the difference in the world. Surround yourself with positive people. When you are taking action and committed, people will be compelled to help you.

6. TENACITY: Be tireless, persistent and unwavering in your commitment. Take 100% responsibility for the results you’re getting. Track your results and measure your progress. If you are not happy with your progress and results, take 100% responsibility for changing it. Adjust your plan or timetable and tap into your burning desire and act consistently every single day.

7. TRANSCEND: Transcend limitation. Courageously go beyond your comfort zone and propel yourself to new heights. Nothing is impossible and growth only comes from going beyond and stretching yourself. Trust that anything you can envision and commit to, you can achieve.

8. TREASURE: Treasure the journey. Savor each moment you have been given. Savor the entire experience, the challenges, the growth and the lessons you encounter. Trust that they are there to teach you and prepare you for future experiences. Trust that you are a vessel of infinite untapped potential. The more grateful you are, the more abundance you will attract.

9. TRIUMPH: Success! Your actions have resulted in the successful realization of your goal! You have followed through on your plan, reached the goal you envisioned, so celebrate your growth and accomplishments! Take time to revel in your achievement. At PT too we believe that student success is the biggest and most satisfying triumph that we can aim for.

10. TITHE: Share your blessings with others. Give of your time, talents and treasures. Teach others your own unique expertise and be thankful. Give encouragement, it’s free to give and priceless to those who receive it. Contribution to others will enrich your life in ways you cannot imagine. Support others in their journey in any way you can. It will come back to you ten-fold. Touch as many people as you can and leave a legacy that lasts a beyond your lifetime.

It takes all of these elements to transform your hopes and wishes from a mere template of resolutions into results. Take this template, transition them into goals by empowering the Ten T’s, get started today and take-off to a totally thrilling tomorrow!

[Arvind Passey]
Written for PT Education