Passion and dreams are the stuff that life is made up of. They form the building-blocks of attitude or the way you look at the world. They also edit how you view your environment and your future. Your passion and dreams to make it big in the financial world are the focus we at BIFM (BLB Institute of Financial Markets) help you develop.

Read what Rishabh Jain, an ex-student of BIFM, now working as an RM with Dawnay Day has to say about attitude: ‘I realized that it is your attitude, not your aptitude that will determine your altitude. This institute helped me give the right focus to my attitude and as a result I am well-placed today.’ Let us understand what this really means. Rishabh sounds so upbeat because he is confident about the theoretical concepts, is adept with all practical applications, and has a well-rounded personality. Understandably, students must get to comprehend dry theory through interest-generating exhaustive hands-on practice. This is what makes them ‘complete’ and so desirable to the top recruiters from the financial world!

Student voices that converge to saying that ‘interacting with such a great faculty and studying in such a fabulous ambience is a remarkable experience’ is what makes an institute surpass expectations! At BIFM we take pride in the knowledge delivery mechanism for effectively communicating the complexities of the stock markets and the financial world.

We are discussing the validity of an institute where learning is structured to make the wealth creating financial world easy for even students from other streams. Ashwini Kumar Ranjan says: ‘I had been a student of Science for more than seven years when I decided to understand what the financial markets mean. It was because I joined BIFM that I now have a thorough understanding of the stock market.’

It is also vital to mention that an effective placement-cell piloted by active and competent placement officers is what makes good careers possible. Enhancing the capabilities of students with the latest, updated, and industry-vetted curriculum that has the value addition of extensive practicals that involves ‘learning to operate on live markets’ is what the recruiters look for. This can be done by integrating relevant content with innovative content delivery. This is the simple truth at BIFM. This is why our students are the darling of recruiters.

Thus, if you are searching for the secret that will make you reach the top financial companies, it is paramount to know what the profile of such an outstanding candidate is. The answer can be encapsulated in two simple words: RIGHT EDUCATION. This is precisely what we have been discussing all along.

You can imagine our pleasure and satisfaction when students who have passed out and made their grand entry in the financial world turn back to say: ‘We owe our careers to them. Keep up the good work BIFM!’ All that you, as an aspirant for the financial world need to remember is that hot jobs and hot careers need you to move fast… Don’t remain smug with just a university degree. Take wing and zoom into an enviable future in the stock market! In fact, be with the leader and get a future!


[Arvind Passey]
Corporate Communications – BIFM


Featured image credit: ilkeremreisal