Top 100 – TGDC 2009

This is the jpeg of the page that gave us the thrill of a life-time… we had to click on each of the alphabets to reveal the pics of the winning couples one by one and this actually added to the suspense. TGDC guys really know how to bring in excitement to what may otherwise seem a rather tedious exercise.

How did I manage this jpeg?

Wasn’t simple. Requested the senior designer in my design team to help me as I was too entangled with a few urgent media meetings. Ajay Sharma (Sr Designer, BIFM) had to take 3 screen-shots and then join them up in photoshop. He later also suggested that I place a marker on my pic, saying: This will make it seem personalised!

Great job, Ajay… and thanks!!

The Great Driving Challenge Top 100

The Great Driving Challenge Top 100