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Finding area of the contours of the ecotect analysis grid was something which I had to do for my dissertation relating to lighting analysis in atriums and the adjacent spaces. One of the grids whose area I had to find for the different bands of daylight factors is:

Find the area of the contours

Find the area of the contours

One of the easiest methods is clicking on the following:

REPORT > REPORT GENERATOR > Analysis Grid > Percentage Contours

which presents the following screen:


At the first glance, the table here gives the information we require, very nicely formatted as well. On a closer look, what it is doing is just adding the number of grid points which fall between a particular range (daylight factors from 0 to 10 in this case) and give the percentage from the total number of grid points. According to this report, no part of the floor get daylight factors in the range of 9-10.

To read the full article, please go to the new website dedicated to environmental tools such as Ecotect, TAS, Radiance, Envi-met, etc… at the following link:

0 0.0
7248 26.7
5651 20.8
3662 13.5
2048 7.6
1222 4.5
930 3.4
960 3.5
954 3.5
4441 16.4