These two words, so common to the the psyche of most of us Indians, have contributed immensely to the give undue power to the mighty politicians, bureaucrats and other government officials.

It is also another fact of life that we are all entangled to solve our day to day problems like dealing with power outages, water shortage, non-delivery of posts, non-working telephones/ net connection. Follow-up of the routine matters that should have been done by concerned employees in offices  also consumes a significant amount of  our time.  All these activities exhaust an individual and leave him with no strength or stamina for other productive activities and thus, the matters that concern us all take a back seat. All these are problems of an individual and we are getting used to fight or tackle them alone and independently. In a way, we are being taught to deal with problems of life alone. And so, over a period of 62 years of independence, we have become more independent to fight our day to day battles alone. The sense of collectiveness has certainly diminished if not altogether vanished. We join a cause only if it affects us directly and that too at that particular moment. Not that we do not want to be a part of the cause or concern, but most of the time the thought of being unable to actively contribute to the cause holds us back. We do not raise issues thinking what others will think…or the others may not join…and it gives plenty of scope for the wrong-doers to continue to have their way.

In my opinion, we do not have to start working for BIG causes in a BIG way…a small step towards a small cause may also work for the benefit for us all. I had been thinking of writing on small issues for quite some time…I may not have solution for the problems…but if we share problems and look for the solutions…some one among us may come out with a brilliant idea that may lead to the solution.

To start with I shall be writing a short description about whatever and whenever something good or bad I see or observe in my daily routine and how I feel about it or tackled it.

© Sangita Passey
12 August 2009