You must’ve heard a lot of people whine about their discovering that the locks have changed even as they thought they had finally found the keys to success! They become stressed and start presuming that they have been singled out for persecution by destiny! This is never the case. Remember, this entire key and lock business is related to a single word: SKILL.

Let me tell you all about the geometry of skills.

The skills theorem:

Place new skills database and info on the x-axis and market motion on the y-axis. The plot must be thick with a constant movement on both the x and the y-axis. In simpler words, one needs to keep updating one’s skills.

Sometimes unlearning and then learning newer and more relevant skills becomes a part of this axis-movement. This can lead to spikes in the graph and can be used to tear openings to expose short-cuts to a better career! 🙂

Every skill is a key that ages and becomes OLD… sometimes the professional climate can even rust it!

Corollary 1: Old keys may still be able to open old rusted locks, so you just need to search harder or change your direction. Thus old skills too have the power to make you indispensable…

Corollary 2: Your adaptability quotient or your instinctive inclination for ceratin skills may influence the kind of career graph you ultimately draw for yourself.

Corollary 3: Choice of skills that is done intuitively gives you the advantage of moving ahead of the market demands… you can thus wait for the market to come and grab you.


Arvind Passey
09 December 2010