Yes, thats true… soup sellers are now telling people that the newest trend is to have soup in a mug! And they’re giving one free with their sachets… ridiculous, I’d say.

Advertising mugs everyone, doesn’t it? Depending on one’s mood, one can slurp soup, lick soup, drink soup, eat soup, gulp soup, bolt soup, nibble soup (or at least parts of it), dribble soup, swallow soup, swig soup, and even wolf soup! In fact, a few may choose to peck at it daintily. I’ve also seen a few Page 3 butterflies smudge the surface with their expensive lip gloss and leave it at that!

… and you can do all or any of it in a mug just as effectively as you can do it in a cup, a bowl, a glass, a deep platter… 🙂 You can easily add big, medium, and small to all of them… or ask Costa or Barrista chains for a more extensive classification!

And listen, just don’t listen to what a mere seller of goods tells you to do. You have a mind and a mood of your own. Remember this.

Arvind Passey
09 December 2010