There is a lot to earn if you learn
To let in art inside your heart
And never rush, for you may crush
Or just scramble everything apart!

You get thematic if you’re mathematical
And never sick if just physical
But remember that every member
Of an actuary can’t act theatrical!

Poetry, we know, is strong
And you may rue if you’re true, but truly
The ‘if’ in life does no wrong
Quite unlike the bull in bully!

Spring can ring in a lusty time
Of courtship that is ours
And if we don’t rime with crime
We’ll find a new high in bars!

No ape or goat in a scapegoat
And there’s no car in scare
An inner voice floats in afloat
To make the word seem fair!

Words too then have a life within
They wait until they’re called
And then get drunk when origin
They find, with gin, installed!

© Arvind Passey
18 February 2011