The Intel AppUp(SM) center is a treasure trove of emotions…

Shame. Honor.

Anger. Gratitude.

Fear. Courage.

Despair. Joy.

Loneliness. Love.

Hurt. Comfort.

Pity. Respect.

This website is like the 7 emotions along with the positive side of the continuum for each of them. Most of the apps there help you with your task or whatever it is that you intend to do – and it could very well be relaxing with your favourite game app like ‘Angry Birds’ – and at the same time help you tackle one or more emotions mentioned in the list above.

For instance, playing the game ‘Angry Birds’ does help one get over lonely moment and there is no doubt about it… but what many of us may never have pondered upon is that playing game will also help us go deeper into our fears and sailing over our perceived competence, understand and learn to face the ignominy of losing, share victory stands and go hand-in-hand with joy, love, and comfort… and I know you’ve got the drift.

The Apps here are easy to install and can be done by downloading and installing the Intel AppUp(SM) center through the client software. This helps us search the storefront through all the categories it has and choose from Social, Education, Entertainment, Communications, Finance, Games, Lifestyle, Music & Audio, Photo & Video, Productivity, Reference, Sports, Travel and so on.

There aren’t too many obfuscating rules and regulations that will hold the not so tech-savvy back… the best part is that everything is well explained in the FAQs there… and if you read those you will feel braver but if you don’t, you will anyway be the braver man who went out and conquered. The world isn’t full of such conquerors today as most of us prefer to read our way through. I always respect the guy who just sits, punches a few keys on the keyboard and sets sail for unknown lands…

And believe me, the website does take you to a fair number of unknown and unexplored apps that you never knew would turn out to be so helpful and thereby lies the great fable of great learning. I too have by now explored quite a few of the apps there on this site… but one that caught my fancy was one that seemed to boast about helping me blog better.

Let us see now what ‘Blog This!’ is all about:

Blog This!

Blog This!



Way back in march 2002, a blogger by the name of herny Jenkins gave us a nice pithy description of all that a blog stands for: ‘Blog is short for Web log. Several years ago, heavy Web surfers began creating logs-compendia of curious information and interesting links they encountered in their travels through cyberspace. Improvements in Web design tools have made it easier for beginners to create their own Web logs and update them as often as they wish-even every five minutes, as this guy was doing. Blogs are thus more dynamic than older-style home pages, more permanent than posts to a Net discussion list. They are more private and personal than traditional journalism, more public than diaries.’

All those of us who have blogs… and there are so many sites offering you to start one of your own and one of them is Now imagine if you’re busy browsing for information and suddenly come across a page that has a fact or a line or a pic that inspires you write a detailed blog and you cannot do it right then. What do you do?

Make notes on little chits and keep losing them? No.

Start straight away on that brilliant article and take the risk of not completing a vital assignment in office? No.

Try to memorise the URL and then end up forgetting it leading to such a lot of heart-burn? No.

You have a simpler and more politically correct answer: ‘Blog This!’ You simply click open the application, a window opens, you make a quick noting… and that noting with the name of the web-page goes and perches straight on your blogger page! Then when you have the time as well as the inclination, you can simply open the page, edit, and there you are… minimum fuss for creating your wonderful blog!

‘Blog This!’ also helps you give the same treatment to your creative and instinctive impulses that you have while writing your updates on Facebook… instead of losing them in some mad rush of updates, you can set them apart to remind you that hiding within each of such instinctive scribbling there could be a brilliant blog article.

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Arvind Passey
02 September 2011