Yes, Bold Body Limericks… and it isn’t bold bawdy limericks. Though some of them may strut around like the road-side romeos do outside any girls college!

Just a few of them here in this post… enjoy.





I have two and you have two

Both can be fictional and also true

No, not silicon

You silly con

Pairs also help us see and hear and do!



Organs are organs and will be so

They rise high and also lie low

But which

Will bewitch

you, we’ll know only if you show!



What’s on your feet is on your mind

So those in sneakers try to find

Those in flip-flops

Do lots of hops

But barefoot to temples? What a mind!



Rings on fingers help to bind

Specs on eyes help to find

A turban cried

I’m tied to hide

Some vital cells until they’re min(e)d!



How can you say you have no cell

They’re outside you and inside dwell

Some need a charge

Some just discharge

There’s just no life without a cell!



Should a hood be made of wood?

Would then a ‘should’ be understood?

Should wood hood?

Would ‘should’ be good?

If you hadn’t a brain, I’d be misunderstood!



Leaf and let leaf, said the environmentalist

What if! What if! Went the sentimentalist

It is the body

And the bawdy

That are always together in every list!



The mind is a funny part

It slows and halts and then starts

But many times

It just rhymes

A hang with bang and then farts!



-ing is there in every sting

So we howl with a lot of feeling

but life is living

until you’re breathing

and –ing is there in your very be-ing!


Arvind Passey
30 March 2012