The powerful sun... that most women fear!

The powerful sun... that most women fear!

On the beach I need to go
And walk around in the sun
In the evening I must glow
And, as ever, be the one

Who wins and not the one who won
So, do not give me spots, dear sun!

See who dangles on my arms
See who kisses all my words
See who follows all my charms
Hear him promise me all worlds!

It’s me, it’s me, it’s me the one
Don’t spoil it all for me, dear sun!

My words, my fears, and my rant
Gave some fearful psycho spots
Until my man said: ‘You can’t
Any more have fears of spots!’

He seemed to me the magic one
Who’ll just make me love you, dear sun!

His magic potion is now mine
I can go out and still will shine
The nights are great and days are fine
His magic potion is now mine!

I have no fear of being the one
Who’ll burn and darken in the sun!

Now on the beach I love to go
And love to walk all day in sun
Every evening I know I glow
Glances tell me that I have won!

I’ve won as friend the one called sun
No fears, no spots…love you, dear sun!

Note from the poet: I wonder if I must give the woman in the poem a name. Truth is that it is a poem that is reflective of all women… but if I were to choose a name, it would be Kyra for now.

Well, it was fun writing this poem for the Lakmè Diva Blogger Contest on indiblogger.



Arvind Passey
28 May 2012