The 100 word (or less) stories

Stories need to include these words: timesdeal, beauty, travel, fitness, discount, shopping


Story 01 

Title: The shopper and her trainer!


‘I’ve a great deal from time,’ he began.

‘It is Timesdeal, dear,’ she corrected.

He told her he was her biggest fan

But her fitness with words was bad, man!

‘Great deals from time,’ he began again,

And went on this time without a pause,

‘Come to the wary, aware. The pain

Of not knowing is worse than disdain

On the faces of those who have gained!’

‘That’s why I go shopping, even travel

Far, and every discount I unravel!’

She replied. ‘Under me you have trained,’

He said with pride, ‘and both of us gained!’

(A 100-word story in rhyme.)


Story 02 

Title: Intrigue for 702


I walked into the lift lobby. Saw a constable waiting there. Crime, I thought.

The lift came. We entered. I asked, ‘Which floor?’


My floor! ‘Where?’


My flat number! This is intriguing!

‘What has happened?’

‘This courier boy came to the thana seeking help.’

‘Package says ‘702, Near Paharganj Police Station’, said another person in the lift. He was the delivery boy.

Ah! Must be the fitness, shopping, beauty, and travel discount vouchers I had ordered from Timesdeal. I must’ve forgotten to give my complete address.

I received the package and thanked the constable for his inspired action!


Story 03

Title: A thought on friendship


Priyanka told me she was dreaming of going to Prague if she wins that travel trip on the Timesdeal contest.

‘Nice dream,’ I said, ‘and if you win, gift me those beauty, fitness, and shopping discount vouchers that you were talking about.’

She nodded and smiled.

I too nodded and smiled.

We went our way, both thinking the same thought: ‘Does this really happen… ever?’

Surprisingly, the next thought too was the same for both: ‘The competition is severe. I must write another story now!’

They say friends are the best sparring partners!


Story 04 

Title: The conversation before they stepped out together


Just one rain and it was lush green everywhere. So were the envious glances when Pips and Monk stepped outside. Monk had just indulged in an expensive beauty treatment… and no, it wasn’t one with any discount attached.

‘Now I’m ready for shopping,’ Monk mumbled.

Pips immediately protested, ‘I have my fitness classes. Can’t come with you.’

‘Going alone is like a travel through hell,’ said Monk, ‘why can’t timesdeal mail me a shopping partner?’

Pips looked alarmed on hearing this and hurriedly said, ‘Fitness later. Come, let’s go!’


timesdeal_story contest_100 words

timesdeal_story contest_100 words


Arvind Passey
20 July 2012