There is an artist hidden within each of us. The sad truth is that most of us let this artist remain there undiscovered. I’d say this heart-rending truth is as incredible as the fact that we all have the power to let that artist out into the world and show us all what it is capable of. I’ve seen this magic happen.

This happened quite a few years back and no, I wasn’t then in my nursery class and had just discovered the mesmerizing magic of lines and colours. That phase had happened and I did have my moments of infatuation with oil pastels, water-colours, pencil colours, and even graphite pencils for sketching. I had soon stepped beyond that phase as I got too busy with subjects where my drawing skills were needed but so was a lot of dedicated time for the associated texts. This new phase that I talking about came just after my marriage and during the period when Specky had to go to Patiala where she was a lecturer in the University. Now don’t say ‘Tsk-Tsk’ because she left that job soon enough as neither of us wanted to stay away from each other… well, what I am trying to tell you is that during that rather difficult parting-phase I re-discovered my love for the drawn lines. Yes, I sketched a lot… and you can safely say that I was able to stand face-to-face with the incredible truth of having discovered the artist within me!

When I now ask you to try and discover that incredible artist within you, I do not mean to ask you to send your wife away for a couple of months, grow your hair long, sing a few sufi numbers, and start doodling on hand-made paper… come on guys, we are in an age where technology helps us dive within and discover our hidden talents.

So how can this feat be achieved? Is it simple? Is it complex? Can anyone follow the mantra and discover the artist within? Sure, you can. All of you can stroll hand in hand with that bourgeois artist that is struggling to express itself from the folds of your ventricular chambers!

The method is simple. One click… and the formula will be revealed to you.

If you too wish to be a part of the magnificent creative endeavour that will be a Guinness World Record, click here and submit your own ‘incredible art piece’… Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note II helps you understand the real meaning of ‘incredible’!

Discover the incredible artist within you...

Discover the incredible artist within you…

Let me tell you that even my wife, a confirmed mathematician, has tried and successfully discovered this artist within her. Just look at some of the drawings she managed to draw on the marvellous Samsung Galaxy Note II:

Idea note_20121130_080808_01

Idea note_20121129_132158_01

Idea note_20121129_140314_01

Idea note_20121130_131326_01

Idea note_20121130_153658_01

But if you think the Galaxy Note II helps only beginners discover art, you’re far from the truth. The Wacom digitizer embedded in the display and the newly-improved S-Pen with its ballpoint-like tip and 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity is what can help even confirmed artists paint their magic flawlessly. Quentyn Kennemer, a Contributing Editor for writes in a post: ‘Many of us will be perfectly fine drawing out words, formulas, and basic shapes when using the S Pen on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But one artist has set out to remind folks that the Note 2 is more than just a great note-taking tool — it can be a powerful tool to drive your creative juices.’ Artist Geremy Arene used the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to draw a portrait of a character from Twilight… and looking at his work and the prowess of Galaxy Note II, ‘hundreds of designers are salivating profusely. While I could never claim such artistic prowess seeing Geremy’s work come to life on a 5.5 inch smartphone excites the bejewels out of me, so I know you designers are doing a double take on this one.

Look at what Geremy did when he drew on a Galaxy Note II:

Geremy Arene and his artwork done on the Galaxy Note II

Geremy Arene and his artwork done on the Galaxy Note II

Now this doesn’t mean we don’t have excellent artists in India… look at these artworks that have already been rewarded for their brilliance. So if you too wish to win a Note II for yourself, click on that link I mentioned in this post… and get closer to technology that breathes life!





Arvind Passey
31 December 2012