Well, anybody who helps you save money has to have a large heart or good intent… but how does the ‘queen’ come in? We’ll talk about the queen later in the post – let us first be sure if ‘to save’ is connected only to money or not.

Yes, I know we can save lives, save a document on a PC, save animals in distress, save a woman from being raped, save literature from going to the dogs, save a heart, save your breath, save this and save that… but most people do love saving money. Not that there aren’t very many things to be saved. Let us look at these literary quotes simply to savour the large horizon of the ‘saving’ impulse that humans are so well endowed with:

We have here Eduardo Hughes Galeano talking of his utter disinterest in saving time when he say: “I am not particularly interested in saving time; I prefer to enjoy it.” Albert Borris, in his book ‘Crash Into Me’, takes the emotion of ‘saving’ to a rather metaphysical level and makes you think: “Suddenly I grasped what was happening- they were all trying to save me. I never thought I was worth saving.” Ray Bradbury, in ‘Fahrenheit 451’ is actually talking of the futility of trying to become immortal by being saved in mere records: “Don’t look to be saved in any one thing, person, machine, or library. Do your own bit of saving, and if you drown, at least die knowing you were headed for shore.” So we have all sorts of thoughts that have got linked to saving.

But it is Jarod Kintz who grabbed my attention when I read what he wrote: “On savings: A dollar here, a dollar there. Over time, it adds up to two dollars.” He managed to bring in the life-saving fiscal angle to saving and, in his own way, cleared the basics of saving.

The obvious question now is how to get saving… and Richard Branson tells us not to miss the word opportunity: ‘Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.’ One such opportunity is what I came across on this website that calls itself COUPON RANI. ‘Funny name,’ I said to myself, and then got down to do look deeper. To my surprise I discovered that the site does give you a comprehensive data on the saving schemes that online stores keep declaring from time to time.

I mumbled, ‘Yes, I do miss out on a lot of online saving opportunities as I don’t even get to know when a scheme is declared and when it ends.’ So obviously, a site like Coupon Rani does fill in this blank in communication. True, there are a lot of sites that offer deals, but then that is not what I am talking about at all. I am talking about the schemes and saving opportunities that online stores offer!

The site navigation is simple enough and doesn’t even attempt to hard sell anything. It just presents to you the simple information that you, as an online shopper may love. And, by the way, I just translated the Hindi word ‘rani’ into English to say that a Queen is finally here to teach us all a lesson or two on how to save!

Click here to go to Coupon Rani.



Arvind Passey
05 January 2013