Recipes of interaction

Recipes of interaction

Come on now, every recipe doesn’t have to result in something that you eat up and burp! I mean, they don’t need to have a final product that is edible. Or let’s put it this way… does every recipe transform into a dish?

Well, all the above definitions are open to as many interpretations as the human mind is capable of. Can’t you chew on an overdose of philosophy and keep burping ideas that are totally out-of-this world? Isn’t it possible that every practical idea can be quite delicious and edible? Ah! The recipe that gives you a delectable poem is doing nothing else than offer you a dish on a platter!

Well, so here are two recipes that follow a different route. Hope you have a great time cooking and partying with them. For more recipes and reviews for kitchen products, check out Spice Kitchen & Bar.

Recipe #1

The TANGY ZESTY tum-aur-hum chutney! 


1 cup of the brightest smiles

1/2 cup of ‘yes we can walk all the calories away!’

2-4 tbsp of ‘join us’ calls ( 4 tbsp makes it very tangy sometimes. I use 2 for just a mild undertone of zingy company)

3 tbsp of witty satire, finely chopped

1/8 tsp of musical memories

1 complete hour, not grated or minced with tweets and FB updates


Mix all the ingredients together until smooth & then serve with a sensual ‘Hi! let’s have fun’.

This dip is very difficult to prepare as it needs a lot of focus.  Serve it with zest and a lot of zing. Who needs ketchup of gossip with all this?

Recipe #2 



Jokes 10-12 and with a slight tilt towards being horny

Red chilli comments 2-3 tsp spoon

Facebook & Twitter powder not more than 2-3 tsp

Old and past references to delectable gossip to taste

Synthetic laughter 1tbsp


Mix a smarting jokes paste, chilli comments powder, social media powder, past references and add some watery courtesy and soak everything in a bowl of ‘let’s meet today’ and leave it for half an hour. Don’t watch TV. Though reading more jokes helps.

Now take the best seat on a sofa, open your bottles of synthetic laughter and this melts any ice there is around and the paste you prepared getting hotter and hotter until spicy fumes slowly engulf the room.

As soon as this happens, serve some old references to delectable gossip and see the heat go up again!

Arvind Passey
30 January 2013