Talking of an art form

Talking of an art form

Do I make it short?
Do I let it suddenly abort?
Do I go on and on and on?
Do I let my words just mourn?
Do I let iambs burst out?
Do I make it compact and stout?
Do I in syllables fly?
Do I have words that fret and cry?
Do I write a verse that’s free?
Do I rhyme and let it lyrical be?
Do I have flights of imagination?
Do I let it frizzle with consternation?
Do I just call a spade a spade?
Do I go on a copy-n-paste raid?
Do I go in circles and confuse?
Do I focus to enthuse?
Do I write a poem that is read?
Do I write one that sells and gives me bread?

Well, a poem needs to have a lot
Of courage to move about alone
It goes around with a load of thought
It never winces and does not groan!

A poem that will win a heart
Must let minds feel they look at art
Eyes too must glide, so words must be
Almost like skin that’s stubble-free!

Prune your words like a razor does
Leaving behind a satin feel
Else you may lose your poetry buzz
And limp along with this appeal:
“I wish I had opted for my hair removal!”
A poem too is one great shave
Lives because it’s a glider’s rave
We humans can and must follow
This smoothness trail and then we’ll glow!



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Arvind Passey
17 January 2013