Not shell-shocked. No splintered bones for me

And I’m not on my way to the hospital

I am fine. Blasts are far from where I am


I didn’t board the bus with drunk goons for company

My intestines did not angrily coil around that rusted rod

I am fine. The rapists are far from where I am


No Swiss accounts for me and no kick-backs

No IB, CBI, and Interpol crawling on my spine

I am fine. Scamsters are far from where I am


But then why am I in this cocoon of fear, and why

Are my limbs so far from me?

I cannot point out.

I cannot run.

I cannot fight.

Only the insane protest and the sane just live their lives.

I am fine. Insanity is far from where I am




Arvind Passey
21 February 2013