I know that the greetings-card lobby has been creating a lot of special days with an eye on increased cards sale… but the run-up to Valentine’s Day is the most ridiculous. The run-up includes all sorts of funny days and the promotion of these days has even infected the online communities.

Just a day before the V-day I happened to be on twitter and discovered that there were a number of organisations having tweeting contests on ‘Kiss Day’. Yes, the 13th of February was being celebrated as the kiss day… and no, I have no idea what fun people get out of these rose days, hug days, kiss days and the other days!

They have gone one step ahead on twitter and have created hash-tags for these days and their contests… and hundreds of tweets are flying around in the virtual space to entertain the world. Well, I was certainly quite amused and even participated in one of these kiss day contests where I was supposed to tweet something about which kiss I would find best and why – in just 140 characters. I list a few of these innovative formats of kisses that I was able to think of and tweet in the short time that I was playing this engrossing game:

  1. Here is one that you read about in ‘Eleven Minutes’… the #TDLuvShuv #KneeKiss where the knees meet sensually!
  2. Executed with the tongue hanging out and dollops of drool, loving dogs give the #SlurpKiss to show their #TDLuvShuv
  3. The #CarKiss : When 2 cars gently meet without bruising the other in a bumper-to-bumper traffic, they’re in a #TDLuvShuv position
  4. #TDLuvShuv Ever tried kissing a real-time image on the PC/ laptop? Well, it’s the #SkypeKiss
  5. #TDLuvShuv Some people make more noise and nothing else and I call it the #MuahMuahKiss
  6. #TDLuvShuv Chalte-chalte, ek nazar… jab doosri nazar ke kareeb hoti hai… thats a sublime #GlanceKiss
  7. #TDLuvShuv I just went out and saw people cozy with their phones… must be showering #PhoneKiss on someone!
  8. Show some #TDLuvShuv and give a #ClickKiss to your partner by clicking an awesome picture on your mobile today!
  9. #TDLuvShuv Obviously, molesters in buses & other public transport need the #ShoeKiss or the #BootKiss 🙂
  10. #TDLuvShuv Go ahead and read out your favourite poem to her to qualify for a #PoetryKiss
  11. #TDLuvShuv A #BookKiss is one where you hit him/her with the heaviest book when you’re nagged!
  12. Now then, a #PadKiss isn’t one you give when she enters your pad… it is #TDLuvShuv that you tweet her on your iPad. 🙂
  13. #TDLuvShuv needs a #NoHoldsBarredKiss where hands can only pull and never push! 🙂

I have reproduced the tweets as they were sent. Now I’m sure there will be hundreds and thousands of interpretations of the way one may want to kiss or get kissed. Let me tell you that none of the others could quite match my imaginative forays into this world of kissing… though I’m rather surprised that even this sort of creative interpretation I was unable to win the contest where the prize was “a candle-light lunch/dinner”!

I wonder, though, how the digital team of the sponsors would manage to give the winning couple a candle-light lunch, if they opt for it.




Arvind Passey
14 February 2013


Featured image: realsneak