Can you see a bat in the picture?
Do you see anyone playing a game?

And yet, everyone in India would know that these players are cricketers… and that they are the famous CSK team! This is the power of cricket!!

Would the same level of recognition be there if someone were to bunch a few players from hockey or football or table-tennis or even tennis?

Most probably, no.

Another small fact that impresses me is that even if I write cric & tweet, everyone knows I am tweeting about cricket! Most of know who Sunny is, what MSD means, and who is the real person behind the title ‘Tiger’… cricket is not just powerful, it is a few steps ahead of powerful!

Thus the picture that we see here isn’t just about ecstasy, thrill, happiness, euphoria, or winning… the picture tells us how ‘powerful’ the game of cricket is! How well it ‘connects’ with people… almost like Aircel, I am tempted to write. How well it echoes what we really want in life!

Cricket is how we want to define life!

Aircel contest


This was a contest entry on the Aircel FB page.


Arvind Passey
20 March 2013