Life is a set of poems that come to us in little connected streams of moments… almost like the concept of ‘connected music’ that HP talked about in this Indiblogger-HP Connected Music Meet that happened in Hilton in Gurgaon. This post is a set of pictures and a set of short poems or rhymes that strive to bring out the basic theme of the meet: Connected Music!


001_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

From the highway we zoomed in
Into the Hilton lobby
To see the bloggers lining up
Going yippy-yappy over a hobby!
This indiblogger meet, they said
Has HP taking music ahead!



002_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

In Hilton where the bloggers met
They got ensnared by music net
And loved the way
HP did sway
To connect them all in a music set!



003_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

At first we thought, ‘Not many will come!’
But then they came and the line went on
From here to there and there to here
Excitedly, with a rhythmic cheer!



004_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

And speedily the hall filled up
The call for more chairs went up
Even those who stood to wait
Spread friendly smiles and ‘wassup’?



005_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

A numbered card each blogger got
To fill it up with favourite songs
Some did it fast but the slower lot
Copied data for a song!



006_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

I loved the décor and the space
It was music to the eyes!
And the HP talk went swell
Connected music well!



007_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

When something new, untold comes up
And the grey in brain lights up
You can see the thrill seep in
The smiles despite excited din!



008_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

The meet then had a mystery turn
Where bloggers and their numbered cards
Mixed and matched to choose and churn
To pick a random few to turn
To speak or dance or be the bards!



009_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

I wondered what ‘snow leopard’ thought
As he looked into my lens
What is it his silence sought
Or what is it his silence bought?



010_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

There were those who talked in words
And then there were who tweeted words
Some went click-n-click with phones
And some just buzzed like zesty drones!



011_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

But everyone wanted to know
How well HP would link to beats
Would they really link, connect?
Or simply do a dull dissect?



012_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

The posters and the artworks there
Had filled us all with thrill so rare
That when they spoke, the bloggers heard
With interest and utmost care!



013_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

And then we knew how music would
Be under our laptop hood
And this was reason enough to smile
And pose for pics in awesome style!



014_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

Then during the break for snacks
I zoomed and caught one queen bee
Who had her plate with stacks-n-stacks
And a smile for all to see!



015_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

The break for coffee and canapés
Had some weird ‘sparx’ unique
And the thoughtful posture said:
‘All disappeared sweets I seek!’



016_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

The mystery of the sweets that went
From his plate into my mouth
Is just what ‘sparx’ thought about
But, thankfully, did not shout!

This meet had loads and loads
Of such charming little episodes…



017_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

The break was reason for us all
To eat and also make new friends
And this is what starts, not ends
The music that connects us all!



018_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

Like the rows and rows of temptation
We bloggers fall for information
And this is how we write our posts
That makes us dear to the Nation!



019_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

This meet had another turn, so wait
And read what I have now to say
This meet, for us, opened the gate
To hop to different tables, mate
Interests and what we have to say
And so new friends, we had that day!



020_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

It wasn’t all a music thing
Or just a friendly ring
There were some prizes that went by
And bloggers said: ‘My! My!’



021_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

There were queries and the doubts
That HP guys got up to sort
Amid a few friendly bouts
And some nays of snorty sort!



022_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

But, as this lady blogger, clicks
The truth is in the pictures here
And gaiety and thoughtful picks
Makes the heart of this meet so clear.



023_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

And then towards the end some said:
‘Let us smile for future now!’
This is what the camera read
And I can offer just a ‘wow!’



024_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

Mixing is thus to a blogger
The heart and soul of joy
And music is also like a blogger
With a heart and soul of joy!

Thus HP needs to know just this
Catch hold of bloggers, do not miss!



025_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

‘Step back! Step back’ the subjects shouted
Until there came a resounding crash!
Even a crashing moment must be
Accepted, and not thrown away like trash!



026_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

Just see the eyes and the shock
And the stillness of the heart
We felt like we were in the dock
But indiblogger did its part:

Renie said: it matters not
We bloggers are a happy lot!



027_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

And the tee that bloggers got
Will, I’m sure, connect us all
For this is what a meet should mean:
A tale that links us all!



028_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

When indi said: You post, we shower
The best with HP laptops more
Happiness was writ all over
This is what this picture stores!



029_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

Every blogger meet reflects
The truth as it towers more
Blogging has a role to play
To lessen troubles and shoo gore!



030_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

031_indiblogger_HP_ConnectedMusic Meet

These pictures need no rhymes to tell
Us of the magic that Indi weaves
With its team, and the spell
Gets stronger… and hey, I’m not going to write another rhyme here because I want to say that ‘connected music’ isn’t just what HP talked about… it is all about relationships, all about the way we interact with society and do things that help it be better!

For bloggers, the way ‘connected music’ spells is what they see and then how they write about what they see. Just as the concept of HP ‘connected music’ is streamlined to win hearts, bloggers need to realise that when they bring together their form of music in an avatar that connects, they are creating a powerful weapon that can make society evolve towards betterment!


This post was inspired by the Indiblogger-HP Connected Music Meet at Hilton in Gurgaon…


Arvind Passey
25 April 2013