Yes, it’s true.

Yes, we’re finally poised to learn a bit more about another aspect of the galaxy.

‘Galaxy? You mean the one with all the stars?’

‘Yes, I mean the galaxy with all the stars including the S II and the SIII.’

Ah! So it is Samsung once again ready to launch a user into a galaxy of technological revolutions. Revolutions have this strange tendency to raise a lot of questions that must be answered. And like any good and careful consumer, you too will have a lot of questions about the new galaxy to be launched…the S4.


I’m sure you have questions that may seem almost similar to this small list that I have prepared:

Will pictures of what happened in front of you and what happened behind your back at a given moment impress you?

Would a picture that has its own original sound be better than a silent one?

Won’t multiple shots merged into a single picture give it a new dimension?

Don’t pictures in smartphones deserve to be clubbed as events?

How many smartphones give you access to multimedia and entertainment content?

Will the S-translator make sense to a traveller?

Don’t you wish the screen paused whenever you are looking away from it?

Ah! Don’t hand gestures commanding action in smartphones make you feel like a magician?

Isn’t it time for smartphones to adopt other roles too… like that of a remote control?

Do smartphone features matter to you? 


Well, I’ll be watching what Samsung has to say about this launch… and I’m sure you’d want to get to watch and hear all this too. If yes, just get connected to the S4 launch webcast on 26 April 2013 at 12 noon. The link below is going to get live around that time…


So far as the questions are concerned, I’d try and answer them in my review of the S4 in the days to come.



Arvind Passey
25 April 2013