Note: #WhatIWant was the hashtag that was flung by @ebayindia on twitter today… and there were a few random thoughts that I linked with this hashtag.



I’d love to sing
When someone dear
Is noticing!

And I want to buy
And throw out of this world
All that is a lie!


A hand
To hold
A pair of eyes
To look into
And well…
Some online offers
To tempt me!


A mind
That will find
Its way into thoughts
And bind
This grind
By words in lots!
What else can a blogger wish for?


One this
One that
One here
One there
And almost everything
There is
That remains.
…and the spirit
To share it all!


I want to be caught
Wearing two different
When there is
A prize
For doing just that!


A few
Of love
That just happen
To turn
And come
Towards me.
Life needs
Just a little…


A little bit of wittiness
Is what I want
A little bit of tanginess
Is what I need
But most of I want
YOU to pay heed!


To have my dreams
Come to me
Riding bits-n-bytes
Of online stores-n-sites.
Has such a virtual existence!


Let me move in
To choose
What I want
Let me ask for
And get
What I want
Let me browse
And discover
My truth!


Arvind Passey
10 June 2013


Featured image taken from Google