Winning an FC Bayern München Team Tee-shirt and the team cap isn’t something that one writes about… but if the tee is signed by the world-class footballers in the team, it becomes a different matter altogether! This happened on the 25th of May 2013… and it was a contest on twitter.

You might ask: ‘Why was Bayern conducting a twitter contest in India?’

No, it wasn’t Bayern… it was Audi India having this contest and the hashtag tells you the complete story: #Audi4Bayern. Audi are the official sponsors of the team… and when this contest was declared, I said to myself: ‘I am not a football fan and cannot possibly tweet intelligently on this game. Is there some strategic direction that I can adopt for this contest?’ Well, I decided to send out just 26 tweets with each picking up some characteristic word from each alphabet and then linking up football, Audi, the game, and some lesson for life to become a part of those 140 characters. Read the tweets and see for yourself why this strategy worked!

You may need to scroll down and read from A and scroll up to reach Z…

Won in the Audi4Bayern contest on twitter

Won in the Audi4Bayern contest on twitter


Audi India ?@AudiIN 25 May

Congrats! @arvindpassey you have won yourself exclusive FC Bayern Munich merchandise. Keep tweeting #Audi4Bayern and winning!

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@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern Well team Audi… hope you enjoyed my [A]lphabet tweets for Audi as well as Bayern! 🙂 My A2Z of respect for them!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They’re a massive [Z]one of [Z]ingy, [Z]esty, & [Z]ippy talent winning our hearts!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They filter [Y]esterday and mix it with futuristic ideas to be as we see them today!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern Both have, I’m sure, [X]ylographed their long-term action-plans for success.. this is what we need to learn from them!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern No wonder then that the world [W]hispers when they get up to address it… they’re the [W]orld to this world!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern I’d call them both the best of a [V]erb… all action and expression! 🙂

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They have a knack to choose the best technique available and become the [U]ltimate in what they aspire to be!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern These two have [T]empered themselves well and not succumbed to the vagaries of worthless temper tantrums!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern As I mentioned earlier, the world [S]alutes their talent to show us all the tenets of excellence!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern When we talk of them, we are are obviously talking of all things that are [R]obust! 🙂

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They’re [Q]uick to move in, [Q]uick to surge ahead, and [Q]uick to score well!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern To win, for them, isn’t just a [P]astime, but a [P]assion!!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern Opportunists? No. They’re [O]pen to learn anything new that the world offers and add value to it!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They pulsate all over the field of life’s playful moments without even a single [N]ever-never moment!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern Both the Audi and Bayern are like a [M]elody that is heartfelt, mindful, and full of soulful sublimity!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They speak the [L]anguage of involved interaction and are the [L]iterature that generations read!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They’re a perfect example of hard-work and inspiration and not mere [K]ismet!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern I’ll be absolutely right if I call them both a [J]ewel in the crown of humanity today!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern The talent and the energy we see in them is [I]llimitable or boundless… they’re an [I]nspiration to us all!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They create [H]istory without any superfluous [H]istrionics stepping in.

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They’re both [G]entle and [G]enteel when the time is right…

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They remain in our midst as a [F]orce that regales our souls!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern Both are the [E]pilogue and the prologue of a bundle of talents amongst us!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern Is there anyone who can watch them and not talk and admire the [D]epth of their involvement with life?

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern They’ve been on the scene for years… and yet remain [C]ontemporary winners!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern The world looks at the [B]rilliance of their adoption of technique and technology!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern Both Audi & Bayern [A]ppreciate the wisdom of converging science and art to move ahead!

@AudiIN #Audi4Bayern I’ll reserve my alphabetical salute for them… starting now!


Hope you loved A2Z twitter strategy!


Arvind Passey
02 July 2013