Dark and deep, you look at me
And a lot of me in you I see
I love you, my cup of coffee!

You’re strong and you’re bossy
And never just wishy-washy
One reason why I love you coffee!

You are you, not just a trophy
And always so excitingly frothy
In mug or cup, you’ll still be coffee!

You’re neither tea nor toffee
Or a dumb Page 3 glossy
You’re a breeder of thoughts, coffee!

A trend isn’t the same as trendy
Just as atrophy isn’t a catastrophe
But even ‘coffey’ can be coffee!

You’re vital as an apostrophe
Giving life to a grammatical catastrophe
You’re corrective, you’re coffee!

You’re ripples of rhymes and prosy
Giving troubled minds a cosy
Place to change… you’re coffee!

You never sting like a bee
Or jerk like a knee
You calm us all, for you’re coffee!



Arvind Passey
19 August 2013



Dedicating this poem to Barkha Parikh’s blog:

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