Blobs on my Blog 002 - Messing with missing

Blobs on my Blog 002 – Messing with missing


Mr Blob loves reading his newspaper. He waits for the chatttthudzzz sound of his bundle of newspapers as they are thrown on his inside balcony. Today was no different and he rushed to open the front door and pick up his newspapers. He came in and started reading. He then got up from his favourite chair and just stood there in the middle of the room with a dazed expression.

‘What happened?’ asked Mrs Blob as she came out of the kitchen carrying her mandatory second cup of morning tea.

He looked at her and whispered, ‘Even monuments have started going missing now. I thought the disease was limited to files in government offices.’

All that Mrs Blob said, was, ‘What we need is missing Netas now!’

That’s so true. Don’t the wise men ask you to nip the evil in the bud? What they mean is also that if you want to rid your country of scams, let the netas and babus do the disappearing act! ‘Shoo the neta, shoo the scam!’ is how I’d put it.



Arvind Passey
24 August 2013