The Blobs_003_Agent of change_ProgressiveIndia

The Blobs_003_Agent of change_ProgressiveIndia


The Blobs got up one morning and read in the newspaper that the exchange rate for the rupee had climbed up yet again.

The He-Blob said, ‘I remember the time when a dollar was equal to eight rupees. Look at the change!’

‘Change?’ said the She-Blob, ‘has become intrinsic to India. By the way, what could be the one agent of change for India?’

‘Just India,’ asked her husband, ‘or a progressive India? But anyway, would that agent be technology?’


‘Women? The fact that women have reached out and become professionals now?’


‘Business? We are being outsourced too, you know.’


‘Media? And when I say that, I also mean the social media.’

‘No. Our agent of change is corruption.’

The He-Blob was aghast! Corruption! Corruption is an agent of change? His wife explained to him that our NETAS were our actual agents of change… ‘Their scamming minds have woken us up & made us look for the right path,’ she said and then added, ‘Even the gradually increasing intolerance for corruption has been the vehicle for change for us…’

‘You mean growing INTOLERANCE has been an agent of change for us and is impelling & compelling?’ said the He-Blob and wrote this poem:

An agent
has a gent in it
and cHANGe
has hang in it
so all we have done
is to hang the gent
in our country!

The She-Blob laughed and said, ‘No, I was being sarcastic. The real agent for change for us has been technology and the adoption of technology. The next step is letting it reach out.’



Arvind Passey
24 August 2013