Blobs on my Blog 004_2013_08_25_Sense & Sensex

Blobs on my Blog 004_2013_08_25_Sense & Sensex


Where the sensex behaves like an imbecile
And rapists plead to be juveniles
Where honesty stays inside a file
And the life of a scamster flies
If this is what India is all about
I’d want to get out and stay out!

Mr Blob was in a really wile state of mind as he wrote these lines and then showed them to his wife. Mrs Blob thought for a while and then said, ‘Sense and Sensex.’

‘What?’ he wasn’t sure what the real thought was that she was trying to say.

‘Sense & Sensex,’ she repeated, ‘if Jane Austin were born in present-day India, she would’ve cancelled her plans to write ‘pride & prejudice’ and would have opted for this as the title for her novel.’

‘Ah!’ I said, ‘at this rate we’ll capture all the rape records of the world.’

She didn’t seem to notice what I said, and went on after a pause, ‘Some may point out that this is a good development. After all, more and more people are now mustering up courage to report such cases. They are willing to fight the evil.’

The Blobs did agree that the silver lining to the cloud of all these rape cases was that people were getting bolder and this is one step that does lead to a stage where rapists and the fiscal scamsters would soon be cowering in some remote corner of existence before they become just a sordid memory.



Arvind Passey
Toon created on 25 August 2013