011_Blobs on my Blog_Bigg Boss_2013_09_15

011_Blobs on my Blog_Bigg Boss_2013_09_15


I’m not an American… and yet ‘big’ for me is bigg. The word suddenly sounds and looks bigg with that exxtra ‘g’. The sound of ‘g’ is vital to us Indians. Look at the sheer numbers who add ‘ji’ just about anywhere… neta ji, sahib ji, haan ji, nahin ji… so much so that they are willing to compromise with grammar and pronunciation to accept far-ji (fabricated) and mar-ji (disposition) too as even these words are mighty words for us. You’ve surely heard of people saying:

Aaj mood nahin hai ji… or… Hamara kaam dar do ji!

(I’m not in the right frame of mind, ji) (Help me get my job done, ji)… for those who aren’t comfortable with Hindi.

‘Bigg is beautiful,’ I wrote on a piece of paper, intending to let my brain and imagination do some jogging to convert the three words into a short piece for my blog. Specky was curious. She asked, ‘You intend writing posts on the new season of Bigg Boss, do you?’

‘No, not yet… I mean, I might… but this bigg is simply to find out how important a bigg is or if there really is anyone deserving to be called a bigg boss.’ This was an interesting thought in my mind and I really did want to dive deeper into its meaning, implied or otherwise.

We had just finished watching the introductory episode of the new season of Bigg Boss and were seated on low height moodas. I suddenly said, ‘I love Bigg Boss.’

Specky stood up, literally towered over me, and replied, ‘Thank you!’

Well, in that fraction of a second I knew what Bigg Boss really means. Think about it!



Arvind Passey
15 September 2013