Look up and see this surreal marvel... when you're in the Food Court level inside the Petronas Tower!

Look up and see this surreal marvel… when you’re in the Food Court level inside the Petronas Tower!


Everyone who visits Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, must be going inside the Petronas Tower… and a lot of them would be reaching the Food Courts on the top floor of the unrestricted access area of the tower. This where we were… and after a slow conversation-laden dinner at Madam Kwan’s, were making our way to the escalators when I just happened to look up.

I was spell-bound.
I just stood there staring up.
‘Come on, let’s get back to the hotel,’ said Rahul, from Michelin, ‘you have a full day at the Sepang Driving Circuit tomorrow… and I promise it is going to be…’ It was at this moment that he too followed my gaze and looked up. ‘…blistering barnacles!’ he said, completing what he was saying.

‘I know we’ll be at sea tomorrow, Captain Haddock,’ I said with a smile, ‘but did you ever look up and see this absolutely surreal beauty in any of your visits to this city?’

‘Never,’ he replied weakly, ‘This is absolutely fantabulous!’ The entire group of Formula 1 driving experience aspirants had stopped and were all staring upwards. I’m sure not many tourists happen to be there inside the tower at nearly closing time when everything is happening at a leisurely pace and you have all the time to look up… and, therefore, they all miss such surreal sights!

I was dog-tired after a long international flight… and an entire day of walking up and down for official shoots for Michelin but despite all that I managed to pull out my Nikon D5100 and click a few pictures.

‘This is one photo op when none of you is going to pester me with: ‘Click one with me too, sir!’ I can shoot in peace,’ I said and the rest of the group nodded.



Arvind Passey
13 September 2013