Near Rajpath in New Delhi... at night

Near Rajpath in New Delhi… at night


‘Which side is Naurang House,’ I asked when I was somewhere on KG Marg in Delhi.

He immediately waved to his right and confidently said, ‘Just 10 minutes in this direction.’ As he walked away I happened to look straight across the road and saw the place I was searching for… and all I had to do was to cross the road. As I walked down the subway, I muttered, ‘This is Delhi.’

My guess is that most of the people in Delhi are from outside the city and, therefore, are as ignorant as anyone else… but as they are the ones who’ve had the courage to come out of their hamlets or small towns, they are full of confidence. So my theory is that these people just don’t want to give away that they are nervous or not knowing anything about Delhi… so they give the first thought as the answer and walk away! This is Delhi.

Look at this picture… doesn’t it reflect what I am talking about? The parking is empty… if there is anything called ‘parking’ there on the lawns beside Rajpath. But the traffic police knows that Delhites will park on any empty place and so they placed this notice. So what if it says that the parking is full… doesn’t it also say that this is a ‘no entry’ zone? So what you see is not what the truth really is… especially when you’re in Delhi.


Arvind Passey
17 September 2013