A muse isn’t always a Goddess
A muse need not really be her
For me, an impulse racing
Through me making me write
Or making me create art
Is nothing short of muse

And so an old crumbling page
From a book I read years back
Can trigger this creative impulse
So can the smell of petrol
Or a musical note not everyone likes
Or the call-bell ringing that tells me she’s home!

This list has no end
And really there isn’t a beginning too
It doesn’t always go round in circles
But squarely hits the target each time
And like the enigmatic dot
Ends in making you do something new
As new as the features of Galaxy Note3.


Note: The mere presence of the new Samsung Galaxy Note3 inspired not just this poem but also a few pictures and other artworks that I share:


IMG_0820 (Large)





IMG_0818 (Large)

IMG_0212 (Large)

Arvind Passey
28 October 2013