I wonder if I should call this post a story of two loafers… or just one brave girl who just did what she thought was correct. Well, I think the newspapers are too full of both these categories. We have loafers, scammers, thieves, burglars, law-breakers, eve-teasers, rapists, and thousands of their type hopping and popping all over the pages.

‘Yes, you’re right,’ you might be tempted to agree and then wonder, ‘are the newspapers also full of brave girls who fight these rats?’

‘Sure,’ I’d say and then would explain that girls are actually getting braver and bolder and making it tougher for the sly beholder! Well, life’s like that… it teaches us ways to counter when things get unbearable, doesn’t it?

‘Yes, you’re right,’ you might be tempted to agree and then wonder, ‘what is this guy really trying to say?’

‘Aha! I caught you there,’ I would whoopee with joy and then go on, ‘I’m going to tell you how sound words created a short story!’

There were two rats
Yes two
And these two were really really flirty
Their terrible minds had thoughts so dirty!
But they always dreamt of making it big
And so they thought they’d dig
Deep and reach a bank
Made them sing!

And this was when they heard
A pleading voice of some love-bird:
‘Wait, don’t leave me so soon!’
WAIT! Just wait or I will swoon!
Hearing this any goon
Would smile and think
‘Aha! Let me lay a bait!

The girl was alone in the dark
Her lover sat like a fused spark!
And a lewd thought
These goons had got:
‘We’ll tease her first
Then quench our thirst
That makes us sing!’
Well, such a thought does not spring
But zips and zooms in like a SPROING!
And like a Ravan they stepped in
With their minds full of sin!

But the girl was brave
And she gave
Them a stare
And a ‘I don’t care
For goons like you.’
Then swishing from her hair, a new
Pin emerged and she said, ‘You pricks!
You stupid good-for-nothing dicks!
Take this! And this! And some more pricks.’
And when they ran with one huge OUCH!
She said: ‘Run properly without a slouch!’

And the world went ‘Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!’
About this girl so sweet
And the rats decided never to meet
A girl with pins though she looked ‘So Tweet!’

‘So there you are, I have told you a story that has a lot of words with sounds, haven’t I,’ I said, waiting for a bit of applause. You would probably be lost in the story of the two rats and the tweet girl and so I might have to speak a bit louder to get your attention. So I shall ask again, ‘Words with sound are great for story-telling, aren’t they?’

‘Yes, you’re right,’ you might be tempted to agree and then wonder, ‘do words make us imagine or is it imagination that makes us create words?’

The two rats and the tweet girl

The two rats and the tweet girl



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Arvind Passey
13 October 2013


Note: Illustration created by me.