Zaroor ji wants to really serve people… but tends to forget what people ask for when he goes to meet them in his constituency. This cartoon strip and video combo talks about how he manages to find the right technology that not only helps him remember but also helps him be more action-oriented with speed and accuracy! The video talks about the new Samsung Galaxy Note3.

Just like Zaroor ji, each of us really need to harness technology in ways that help us make our lives more action-oriented. What we need is speed and efficiency in giving our ideas a shape, fast communication to connect with the relevant people who can help us transform mere ideas into concrete action, and a device or technology that never lets our ideation get lost in the flood of information that is constantly pinging us.











The video now:


Let me also clarify here that the S-pen hovering Air Command has gone up several notches and now gives users the advantage of handwriting a number and commanding the phone to dial it in Action Memo, jump straight to finding images, texts, and messages through the S-finder, taking screen shots and making notes on them without fumbling around, opening a selection of vital apps by just drawing a window of any size, capturing needed parts of a screen to transfer directly to the scrap-book for reference… now these are important tasks that a user can do without looking for specific apps or navigating in and out of technology catacombs! The scrap-book, by the way, helps you store YouTube videos too in your device for later viewing… all with a small circle drawn as you see it in the browser.

The politician Zaroor ji in the comic strip loved the Note 3 for not just the heart-warming features of the S-pen… he was getting older and obviously with failing eyesight he needed a screen that was large enough to let him remain unfazed and clear. The brilliantly lit large screen with a resolution that doesn’t allow obfuscation in reading, helps all those who really need it. And why just the elderly or the ones with a weak eye-sight, even youngsters would want a large screen as it brings them their videos and movies with stunning quality and a size that doesn’t make them peer like a blind bat!

Let me also admit here that Zaroor ji proclaims the Galaxy Note3 as his BIGG BOSS… I’m sure so would anyone else.

Note3 BiggBoss-1


Arvind Passey
28 October 2013