We all love a life full of music and songs… particularly if we are able to listen what we want to at a place of our choice and at a time of our choosing. It isn’t always possible to carry our massive music systems with us everywhere – but we’re lucky to be in an age where technology, mobility, and accessibility have converged to make it all possible for us.

Yes, we can access songs on our smartphones. So whichever operating system your smartphone prefers, they generally have options to listen to music.

‘But then it was so boring to have mp3 songs downloaded in your smartphone and being forced to listen to the same playlist all the time,’ said Specky, and then added, ‘you really must mention that even listening to the radio meant using your headphone as an antenna and it was quite easy to make life a mess of wires around your neck.’

I laughed and agreed. I said, ‘But the internet changed it all. You remember we were so fond of our Spotify account in London. Well, we have a rather powerful app even right here in India.’

I told her a few things about and how it could be accessed on the desktop as well as one’s mobile or even tab or iPad. I had, of course, downloaded and installed the latest version on my iPhone and gave her a rapid touch-through of the app… has 7.5million monthly active users, and is available on the web, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and J2ME platforms. It’s collection of over 3 million songs and a music catalogue spread across Bollywood, International and Regional spanning 18 languages and multiple genres is what wins hearts. The collection covers all moods and all times… and if you can remember a song, it is quite possibly there in the list.

The app gives you thousands of editorially curated playlists, professionally programmed radio streams and a host of social music discovery & personalization features.


‘Yes,’ said Specky, ‘I remember you had told me about this app a few months back too. But now there is obviously a newer version. Anything new in that?’

I told her that the new Discover Section in the app showcases cherry picked playlists to suit every mood, occasion and genre, be it romance or dance, happy or sad, party or devotional… and a variety of pre-programmed radio streams (Radio Mirchi streams & Gaana Radios), featuring popular Radio Jockeys’ bytes, Celebrity favorites and loads of curated music. The main attraction being ‘One Touch Radio’ which plays continuous music based on a user’s music taste. All this is nothing short of awesome and deserves an applause. I told Specky that this was one app that had stayed with me even as I had moved from app to app and smartphone to smartphone!

So music for the young
And music for the old
Songs that can be sung
And songs that are bold
All find a place here
Will you download this app, dear?

‘Yes,’ said Specky, ‘and I know I can get it for my Galaxy Note II.’

For the uninitiated, to download the app simply sms ‘Gaana’ to 58888 or visit the app store of the OS in your mobile.




Arvind Passey
24 December 2013