A blackberry can have a huge variety of reactions… on the emotive as well as the physical level. And I’m not talking about the blackberry that you hold in your hands to text or talk… I’m talking about the Blackberry Crush in the wide range of breezer flavours from Bacardi.

For the absolutely uninitiated, a blackberry is ‘a berry that is dark in color similar to a raspberry but almost black to purple in color. Grows mainly on a vine but in the wild in heavy wooded areas. The vine has a thornish feature similar to a rose bush.’ This berry crush has enough reason to be the lord of flavours as it does make word-combos fall in love with it.

Let me begin with BlackBerranoia. This is what happens when the blackberry crush flavour is missing from the carton of breezers bought by a person… or one has been made to taste every other flavour but this one remains missing for some inexplicable reason. Similarly, the word BlackBerretarded tells us of a condition when normal people with normal taste-buds and normal nasal detectors try to feign that they don’t recognize this wonderful flavour. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Now do I really need to clarify that all those fans of this flavour are the ones who have been Blackberried and, therefore, are veteran Blackberrians!

Now if you think this is all there is to the new word culture for the blackberry crush fans, you’re mistaken. There is more to words and word-combos than you can even imagine.

With a Blackberry Crush tempting lips
A BlackBerripheral Vision is what nips!

Blackberry Boredom
is when you hold this crush
And slowly sip though in a rush!

When dancing with this crush you sway
And twist and turn but never splash
And even hop to catch a gulp –
It’s Blackberry Bounce with a dash!

‘Nice stanzas,’ said Specky, as she read the lines I had written, ‘these seem to be rather creative interpretations of a mere flavour.’

‘Don’t you ever call the Blackberry Crush a mere flavour, my love,’ I protested, ‘this one goes way beyond that and is a really amusing muse for its lovers.’

I then went on to ask her if she has ever tried this flavour while sitting in a car that is being driven at 100 kmph… and when she said NO, I told her of the Blackberry Swerve that just might get combined with a Blackberry Illusion leading to what the connoisseurs call the Blackberry Porn! Specky smiled at this rather outrageous explanation but I’m sure she was sold on the flavour that the world knows as the Blackberry Crush!

She just asked dryly, ‘And is there a flavour-induced emotion that you call the Blackberry Law then?’

‘You’re perceptive indeed,’ I said, ‘because there is one. This law comes into force when someone happens to have an unsipped Blackberry crush in his hands. The law says that this breezer must shared without delay.’

‘Ha!’ said Specky,and gave a tinkling Blackberry Giggle, ‘that’s an intelligent law. It is so indicative of devotion.’

‘You’ve hit upon the next term now,’ I said, ‘because what you mean is extreme spirituality of a person madly in love with this flavour. This is what we call Blackberry Spirituality.’

I then clarified to her that Blackberry Crush fans aren’t sipping this flavour without a break. They obviously do a lot of other tasks during periods that they fondly call their Blackberrry Break. It is these vital pauses that keeps the enigma of this flavour alive and keeps the longing live and kicking.

Specky gave another of her indulgent smiles and then said, ‘If your Blackberry Buzz phase is over, can we now call it a day and turn off the lights?’

I gave her my special Blackberry Stare and before that stare could induce a Blackberry Storm, I gave an enticing Blackberry Yawn and said, ‘Let’s play some Blackberry Roulette inside the quilt now, dear!’

Bacardi Blackberry Crush

It’s all about catching the right flavour… and I’m sure I’ve done it right by talking about Blackberry Crush!
This post is all about the way my mind interprets this flavour and is written for a contest on indiblogger that is sponsored by Bacardi.


Arvind Passey
20 December 2013