Remember an year that is past? Why? As it is life is so surrounded by the mists and haze of unanswered questions that trying to remember the past does seem like a task that isn’t going to be easy.

‘Even the future has this mist of unanswered questions and lots of haze and mist,’ said Specky in a tone that was brimming with concern, ‘so why be against remembering the past?’

I said, ‘It is far productive to look ahead and move ahead.’

Specky isn’t one who loses easily and she said, ‘The past has lessons. The past has a record of where we floundered and fell which we need to analyse. The past has messages in all forms for the future and it is up to us to be able to read them and interpret them.’

‘Aren’t you sounding so like Dan Brown suddenly?’ I asked, and then went on, ‘the past according to you appears more like words on the pages of a thriller. A novel that keeps you awake throughout the night.’

‘The past is like that,’ she said softly.

I told her then that the past exists only as snippets of information and little chunks of emotive appeal… but before I could complete my theory, Specky said, ‘The past exists affects the entire world in ways that we do not sometimes understand. So it is necessary to know it, study it, think about it, and to keep all this information safe.’

I was impressed and could just ask, ‘How?’

‘Simple,’ said Specky, ‘There is this site that has arranged the events for us all in the best possible manner. This site also helps us navigate to wherever we wish to go. Can you guess which site I am talking about?’

I thought for a while and answered, ‘No.’

It was the MapsOfWorld site that she was talking about. The page she was mentioning is… Remember 2013. You too can click and go there…




Arvind Passey
28 December 2013