Why must I look up and talk to him
Or just look down when talking to him?
I like to look straight and into eyes
Differentiate between truth and lies

And so
I never talk to God

Why must I imagine someone there
When it is my friends who give me care
And those around me are those who share
Give everything, take me everywhere

Not you
I never talk to God

I can hear my friends and read their minds
And this does create a bond that binds
You are God who one can never find
Do I ever sit with you to unwind?

No, never
I never talk to God

Long winding corridors cocoon you
You’re and old hand at this game, not new
I’ve always known this, my mind has warned
Who are those people whose walls you’ve adorned?

Not me
I never talk to Gods

You have many names and many forms
But inside you are similar norms
I’ve known all this and so I’m snappy
But this is why I’m ever so happy

Good for me
I never talk to Gods

But you grew in your power, became
A tower unstoppable, devoid of shame
So now you must leave us all alone
Don’t worry you’ll get your place in stone.

I still don’t
I never talk to Gods

I never talk to God_poem


Arvind Passey
10 January 2014