This set of couplets and stanzas is a part of my twitter poetry for #KnowledgeIsGreat
Every couplet/stanza fits in a 140 character tweet.



Answers are everywhere here
I see them when I’m ready, dear!


I know that I know is what I know
But I know more if I don’t show!


I read, I know. I write, I know.
I do, I know. I share, I know.
I know even you’d know
That here now does flow.


Go beyond the known to know
With quest in eyes and a humble bow!


Greater than knowledge is your Guru
Who twists your ears & says: ‘Ho ja shuru!’


Books have them all, so read
The world says a lot, so walk
Thoughts help create, so dream


Knowledge is great
But greater is the way
You’re never late
For work each day!


Is knowledge a friend or a guide
Or just a boss taking you for a ride?


Knowledge is garbage, if unused
Or mis-used or just abused!


#KnowledgeIsGreat if shared,
In the open, and dared!

Knowledge is great


Arvind Passey
11 February 2014