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Sounds of Freedom
These are rhymes that I tweeted with this hashtag: #SoundsOfFreedom
140 character tweets in rhymes on our relationship with music…


The ears can see and also read
The tree of truth in a musical seed!


Music takes you on a trip
Full of a joyous drip!


Dec-i-bel dis-ci-pline is what I like
Not a single note will viciously spike!


You listen
With your heart
And the mind
Is at peace…
This is the magic
Of music!


One musical note enters the mind
And stress turns to joy, I find!


Music has the power to share
#SoundsOfFreedom everywhere


Pop or folk or any form will do
Happiness is what music will brew!


Music just walks in and wins
Throws moments of stress in bins.


Life is always such a pell-mell
Until it hears a musical bell!



Arvind Passey
13 february 2014