‘You’re out to create waves of a new trend today,’ said Paromita to Prem when she saw him wearing his favourite head buff. Prem is a mountaineer barely out of his teens, who is forever rushing to every climbable peak in the world to give his giggling adrenalin a reason to remain calm. Paromita is a leading blogger and they are both attending a blogging event outside their city. Prem, by the way, is making a presentation on the advantages of climbing at that meet. Prem is always calm and composed. Paromita is always hurried and sometimes impulsive. Both, however, are forever looking for solutions and answers.

Prem smiled and said, ‘I’ll get one for you as well. This is the most adaptable and trendy piece of wearable something that can be used to protect your head, forehead, face, hands, and work as the most gorgeous bandana I’ve ever come across. I carry a couple of them on each of my expeditions. And yes, I do use one even under my helmet when I’m zipping away on my Ducati!’

Now this was the longest sales pitch Prem had ever made but when it came to being trendy, he was its downright supporter. When Paromita asked where he had bought this magical buff from, Prem thought for a moment and replied, ‘I know it was from some well-known online store. But what really matters is that I got a whopping 40% discount on it!’ The blogger in Paromita was immediately awakened and she asked him for details. Prem explained that he was recommended Baggout dot com by a friend of his and it was on this website that he saw more than fifty major trending retailers listed. All he had to do was to register at this site and then reach out to the retailer of his choice through the link on Baggout.

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‘That’s another time we’ve brought in trend today, Prem,’ said Paromita, ‘So we can wear trendy clothes, create waves of trends, and even buy things from stores that are trending! And I really see myself writing yet another blog post on trends.’ Yes, there seems to be a definite move to give the word ‘trend’ as many dimensions as possible. Look at twitter… you have handles and hashtags trending there… political parties closely monitor opinion trends and swings… words hop from obscurity to become trendy and then fade out as clichéd jargon… then there are buying trends, shopping trends, food trends, discussion trends… but the most catchy and the most infectious of them all is the trend of being on the look-out for trending online retailers!

So how do you really effectively track trending online retailers? Some will vouch for their own gut-feel or intuition and others will simply pooh-pooh the idea of trends there. However, it is the convergence of online buying patterns, declared sales outcomes, and the total viewership that gives you the most authentic list. And one such list is what Prem came face-to-face with on Baggout dot com.

‘So on this site,’ explained Prem to Paromita, ‘you begin by joining Baggout for free. Then you browse the trending list of retailers there on Baggout and shop normally by clicking on the specified link. Your Cashback gets automatically tracked in your Baggout account and you get the Cashback as Cash.’

‘Sounds really simple,’ said Paromita, ‘but I have a query. If I want to buy books and my mother wants to buy clothes, do we get the same cashback?’

‘Ah! No, not really, said Prem, and he actually logged on to his Baggout account to show her that every retailer can have multiple offers, so you need to view their deals separately… and opt for whichever deal suits you.’ He then went on to explain that this concept of cashbacks wasn’t entirely new, but it always pays to remain alert and reach out for a website that has it all in the most disciplined way or format. He added that Baggout gives you the option of browsing through the ongoing deals or trending products and this was really helpful to the discerning online buyer.

That very evening Paromita too registered and began her adventurous trip into this new world of cashbacks. But in less than five minutes she was calling for Prem who rushed from the adjoining room.

‘What happened?’

‘You know I’m bad at searching. So I just don’t want to look through a massive list of 50 retailers for those that have offers on books. Can’t it be simpler?’

Prem smiled and said, ‘Look at the links on the top… don’t you see ‘books’ mentioned separately. There is a separate link for clothing, travel, electronics, food, fashion, mobile, and kids besides books. So a click on any of these will open a customised retailer list.’

Paromita laughed and said, ‘I think there is a trend to simplify things now. And I definitely like this trend.’ Prem then went away to his room to prepare for his lecture and Paromita sat down to seriously browse Baggout for a detailed review for her blog on trending online stores.

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This post is to primarily talk about the emergence of ‘cash-backs’ in online shopping… this is trending now!
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Baggout on Facebook


Arvind Passey
23 April 2014