Just two words… and a whole universe of meanings! This is the way the mind can fox you, confound you, and lead you anywhere. I know these two words would mean different things to different people. Well, the world is full of two words coupling to lead us into insights, but let me just talk about these two… Shoot more!

Subir, my friend on Facebook updated his status by opting for ‘Ignore Humans’ and ‘Shoot More’ in answer to: ‘If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words?’ And I said to myself: Now this involves a lot of people and perceptions!

I quickly jotted down a few of my perceptions: Shoot more (with a camera)… Shoot More (the cricketer)… Shoot more (with guns and not just pepper spray your tormentors please)… Shoot more (semen with the right medication)… Shoot more (nonsensical words like our politicians do)… Shoot more (and retaliate vociferously)… Shoot more (with winks that torment Romeos)… Shoot more (like the Koreans do and end up paying bills)…

So here we are shooting away meanings that are sane, insane and outright unexpected. The funny thing is that the creative sorts, the criminals, the politicians, the Casanovas, the debaters, the argumentative ones, the horny females, and a whole lot of others shoot away with a smile. The world indeed is small and so connected!

Specky had been reading my meanderings through my moments with shooting and asked, ‘Shoot is a lot more connected and is quite a powerful word in the dictionary.’

So we searched together and found that ‘shoot a bunny’ is a more elusive expression for a fart and ‘shoot a bunny in the butt’ is one used to describe an exclamation when one is upset! I said, ‘Wow! A lot of politicians are poised to shoot bunnies in the butt this election season!’ Specky smiled and went on to point out that these politicians will need to ‘shoot a monkey’ (this is what people say after making a mistake) before they can even try telling us how upset they are.

I wasn’t one to lag behind in this race to shoot away lesser known phrases and soon found one that snuggly fitted the below the belt tactics that the political parties are seen to be applying in this year’s elections… they are shooting pickle jars into space’! ‘Now what does this mean?’ asked Specky.

To ‘shoot a pickle jar into space’ is to ‘go to extreme measures after being thoroughly frustrated, but in a way that will not really help the situation get better’. And when I had explained, Specky decided to ‘shoot a text’ on her Whatsapp to all her groups! Well, the shoot phenomenon was just getting better now!

Now the word ‘shoot’ has a testicle-full of insinuations that will titillate anyone but they would not find a place in this post as they are too obvious… but I don’t want to disappoint my readers, so let me add that a ‘shoot beaver’ is a girl who loves flashing deliberately or unknowingly when she wears short skirts!

You want to shoot more? Well, you ‘shoot-dang hoohah’ when you experience pure joy and feel like yelling… like footballers do when they’ve just scored a goal! The best that I came across was one that described ‘an excited declaration for a shot of alcohol. Often used in conjunction with finger pistols, this declaration is a popular method of raising the spirits of fellow bar patrons’…


Shoot more... based on an Facebook update by Subir Dey

Shoot more… based on an Facebook update by Subir Dey



Arvind Passey
06 April 2014