‘Drama, melodrama, and a heady mix of sentences that are either bent upon sending a mom to heaven or making her grey-haired and terminally ill isn’t what she is all about,’ I muttered as I read the mom-posts on the internet, adding, ‘A mom isn’t a synonym for a tear-jerker either.’

Specky nodded her head and thought for a few moments before saying, ‘I think a mom is always old enough and wise enough for her child just as she always remains a magical charmer for her husband.’ I smiled on her use of the phrases ‘wise enough’ and ‘magical charmer’ and told her that the animal world has examples of chimpanzees, lions, meerkats, and rats where moms kill infants for reasons like survival, food, and dominance… and do it without blinking an eyelid!

‘Well, you’re right about animals and come to think of it, this is true with humans as well,’ said a stunned Specky, and then went on, ‘a mom like Nargis in Mother India can even shoot her own son if that is what is correct.’ She then said with finality in her voice, ‘A mom is all about being right.’


A mom can even kill

A mom can even kill

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Arvind Passey
10 May 2014