If you think a cocktail is a flavour-sensitive merger of two alcoholic beverages, you are both right as well as wrong. No, I’m not trying to sneak in mocktails here that have a shrewd leaning towards the tipsier ingredients. But then I am neither trying to say that a cocktail is necessarily a drink that the mixologist or a bartender will serve you in a glass.

Now if you’re confused about what I’m getting at, just read through this paragraph and we’ll be connected. All I recommend is that you try to first take a few sips of the heavenly Black Dog TGR that has gone through years of being contained in casks and butts… and then step out on a clear star-lit night. Look up and see yourself being transported right into the heart of the headiest cocktail the mind can ever imagine. This then is just one of the cocktails that you’ve probably never dreamed of. A celestial cocktail of one of the finest whiskies on earth with a bit of our universe circulating in your senses… what a cocktail it is!

‘This may not be possible in smog enveloped cities,’ I can hear you protest. Well, you’re right… and you cannot often go deep into the wilderness with your stock of Black Dog and also expect starlit skies with a cool breeze blowing. So I have for you a worthy alternative. The mandatory part in my cocktails is that you need to first take a few sips of Black Dog TGR… the whisky that undergoes a triple maturation… and only then follow the steps that I recommend.

My next cocktail requires you and your wife or your girl-friend or the one you love to be with all the time to take your sips and as you talk about whatever seems to be the hottest topic between you that evening, you turn towards each other and peer into each other’s eyes. In no time you’d have crossed the boundaries of mere sight and be zipping into each other on the speeding particles of what I choose to call insight. From sight to insight in less than 10 seconds is what I guarantee! I recommend you to try out this Damson Vodka recipe you and your guest will love it.

By now you must have got a drift of the sort of out-of-the-box cocktails that I am talking about… and I’m sure you too have a few suggestions popping up in your mind. Just email them to me and I’ll make sure that I add them all and give you credit for the suggestions! But not before I take you on yet another offbeat cocktail ride with me.

I fondly call this cocktail the ‘epistemological delight’ and all I ask you to do is to shut off the television, turn off the radio, switch off your smartphone and take a few slow sips of Black Dog TGR. Then you slowly get up and go to your book shelf of home library and pick up a dictionary. Open any page and read the one word there that your mind thinks it hasn’t met yet. As you read what the word means, you’ll see a world of knowledge slowly reveal itself and you’ll be so engrossed in this wordy cabaret that you’d want to do it every evening. Believe me, these goliaths from the world of lexicons are mesmerising and have a great propensity to pair up with whiskies.

So there you are… I’ve already gifted you the recipe for three of my favourite cocktails. Now all you need to do is to give them all a try one by one. Remember, too many different cocktails tend to gang up and become anarchists!

Cocktails that you've never dreamed of

Cocktails that you’ve never dreamed of

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Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25.

Arvind Passey
23 May 2014