Hi there Aditi

Listen girl, I love you. But this doesn’t mean I’m not going to tell you all that you need to change right here, right now and on your face. Err well, it isn’t easy for me to look at you and say anything so I need to write it all down. Yes, yes, I know you find it funny when I say that I cannot look into your eyes… but then you’re forever throwing flames at everyone. Chill baby… at least for a few days.

I know the world is full of rapists and there is crime all around. But why are you always so focused on arming yourself with what all of us call a woven matrix of hot searing plasma and strings of strong magnetic fields. Babes, this might deter the criminals to come out and do their mumbo-jumbo of fooling people but it also makes me shrivel and shrink into something that even a burnt toast wouldn’t recognize.

Not that I don’t love you for the warmth that you shower on me. The mere mention of your name makes my winters warmer and my thoughts that were on a cold burner begin to sizzle. All this is fine for the colder months but listen, and I say this again, you don’t really have to transform my summer months into a scorching ordeal. I mean, do you think I want to break eggs on my head and fry them? You must learn to blow hot and blow cold… apply the basic fundas of physics, babes.

All my friends call you a ‘keeper of the light that illuminates all life and ensures consciousness’ and this is true. You do inspire poetry to go clippety-clop over my goose-bumps during winters… but come summers, the poetry still flows out but in little rivulets of deo-resistant sweat. Sometimes poetry even pops out like a stanza of angry boils! You did observe this phenomenon a couple of times and I hope you even remember what you then said. You laughed, causing massive thermals to swoop down, and then said, ‘Look at this. I make the evil in you come out. I am the great purging force of the universe!’ Well, my dear purging force of the universe, let me also call you the one who gave birth to the universe and the heavenly bodies too. Happy? But Aditi, take a chill pill some days at least.

Oops! I don’t think I must insist on you taking a chill pill. Because I know you well, my dear goddess, your chilled avatar can be quite a ruthless one that cuts across my mortal consciousness like the sharp knife made of UV rays! And I know you will not understand why my skin ruptures and scalds even as I shiver… you’re a real killer, babe… even when you’re 149,600,000 kms away!

Aditi, you’re my goddess, my scripture, my consciousness and will remain that even when you go and hide into other cultures or adopt a foreign name. I know I’ll go in pursuit of the beautiful Akycha in Alaska… or the fiery Amaterasu in a Kimono on the streets of Tokyo… or, as I said, even if you are living with another name in any nation, any mythology. You are like a mythological fascination to me, Aditi… and I know you’ve always been here, just as I have always been here. I’ve loved you even when you were Bila, the cannibal aboriginal goddess. You may not remember but it was my effort that brought you back and forever tethered to us… because when you went away, our world was plunged into darkness. Yes, you were fond of cooking your victims over a giant flame… and let me tell you now that it wasn’t the victims we were bothered about, it was that god forsaken flame that made us uncomfortable. Even in my cannibal avatar I really hated your obsession with flaming us all.

Now that we’ve gone so far into the history of mankind, let me thank you for being Wariupranili, another aboriginal sun deity who ‘lit a bark torch and carried the flame through the sky from east to west. At the western sea, she dipped it in the water, then used the embers to guide her under the earth to reach her starting point again.’ You were sheer poetry in that avatar… and I know I did inscribe a lot of picture poetry on the walls of a lot of caves then. I wish I could go and search them all out now.

So Aditi, my goddess, my love, look at me with a little less of helium surges in your eyes… and I assure you, I’ll smile and stand on my balcony in just my underpants and wave my tee like a cricketer who’s just won the world cup!

And don’t you now blow me a scorching kiss flying through the skies towards me…

Yours already scorched in love


PS: If you feel like giving a scorching swipe for all that I’ve written, just remember that it was the Blogadda team that insisted that I write ‘a witty letter to the Sun Goddess convincing her to go a little easy on us’. Yes, go on and scorch them and scorch all the judges of all the blogging contests where my posts don’t get any prize. Ha! Ha! Ha!


Sketches_letter to aditi

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Note: ADITI = Sun Goddess


Arvind Passey
02 May 2014