This has been a month for connections. Everyone during the election period is busy talking about what matters and what doesn’t.

Corruption issues matter. Reservation matters. Division of states matters to some and doesn’t to others. Alleviation of poverty matters. Ushering in prosperity matters. There are both serious and inane things that seem to matter or not matter. Criminal records don’t matter but crime matters. Bringing in celebrities has parties on both sides of the fence. Age is one of the vital issues that went in for a serious debate.

Age is vital. The right ageing is what gives our parliamentarians that right blend of maturity that the country today needs. Specky, my wife, who was reading the post, said, ‘India needs neither the impulsive teenager sort of psyche nor the compulsive octogenarian psyche.’

I said, ‘What exactly are you trying to say? Doesn’t maturity come with age? And why wouldn’t an octogenarian be mature enough to lead our country?’

‘You’ve seen how some of our respected aged leaders function. Right?’ said Specky, ‘so what I say is that maturity that comes with age needs to somehow be transported into the youth. This is where the solution for our political woes is.’

I thought for a while and after a restrained ‘yippee!’ I told Specky that I had the perfect example. I then went to our bar at home and took out the bottle of Black Dog TGR. ‘This is a perfect example of how age and maturity converge without becoming an embarrassment for anyone.’ I then told her that this wonderful whisky was Triple Matured. Truly refined! I specified to her that this Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is the only blended Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process. The blend has a delicate finish and is accepted at parallel with any 12 Y.O blend. I then drew a doodle for her to explain this concept of triple maturation.

Sketches_age and maturation

I said, ‘This is what India needs today. The triple maturation principle that is now perfected in Black Dog whisky!’ I went on to explain to her that Indian politics too needs to have a delicate finish and none of the vulgar impetuousness that has of late become a regular scene in any assembly coverage in the AV media.

I ended by saying, ‘When triple maturation in humans takes over, age will cease to matter. TGR teaches us that age in scotches does not matter anymore because of the triple maturation in it.’

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Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant only for people above the age of 25.



Arvind Passey
03 May 2014