The year isn’t 3333 or some such incredible zoom into the future. The future that I see clearly in my mind isn’t even ten years later. And yet I cannot possibly pinpoint the exact day or month or year. All I can say is that the real future is near, quite near. The future where a magical twist in technology will not be as improbable as it may sound today. So the time that I’m talking about is the time when MAGYTE will reign… magyte or a convergence of magic and bytes!

I can see that time clearly in my head. I see the phone in my hands right now become thinner and longer and start resembling a wand. Yes, a wand that you’ve possibly read about ever since you were in your nursery class. A wand is what wizards and magicians keep hidden in the folds of their cloaks and produce only when they wish to cast a spell. And no, I am not wearing a cloak in the future that I see.

The wand

So the phone that is in my hands is a retractable wand… well, in its resting position it is nothing but a black blob on the ring that I’m wearing. It is only when I give this blob a swish with my index finger that it slides out and takes the shape of a wand that I can wave imperiously and get things done! Sounds good? Sounds futuristic? Well, it is a yes to both… and I must add here that this is certainly not improbable… considering the way technology is sprinting ahead of all that ordinary mortals are able to think of.

Specky, my wife, read all this carefully and pronouncing each word carefully, asked, ‘if a swish activates your phone wand, I can only imagine what will happen when you’re making your way through the throngs in Karol Bagh in Delhi or on Oxford Street in London.’ She smiled after she said what she said… and this meant she thought she had foxed me.

I said, ‘The swish of my index finger means that the black blob has actually read my fingerprint and that is then a command to it to open up.’

‘Aha!’ said Specky and looked impressed.

Well, this phone that is a black blob on a ring that I’m wearing is smart and is extremely loyal to me. It obeys ONLY me. This is the first superpower that comes attached to my futuristic phone that isn’t really too deep into the future.

Just look at all the advantages of waving anything into existence… I live in a home that isn’t cluttered at all. The carbon footprint of my existence is zero and, therefore, I am an eco-warrior all because technology has handed me my MAGYTE, my super smartphone that creates everything from a television to books for me… on demand. The world that this superphone has led me into is what I’d call my JIT world… the ‘just-in-time’ world where I create my world without destroying any other part of this world.

The wave

Now if I have a phone that is shaped like a wand, I must be able to do things with a wave… and if this is what I expect, my expectations aren’t incorrect. Yes, this phone that I will now call a MAGYTE is capable of getting jobs done with a wave. I mean, I just need to teach it a bit of course. After all, I have adopted this magyte as my own… and we need to understand each other well. So magytes will do what you order them to do. And you order them through different forms of waves.

Let me give an example. If, for instance, I draw a rectangle in the air, my magyte will take it as a command to project a tele-screen in the thin air and give me the menu of the programmes that are being telecast.

‘Impressive,’ mumbled Specky. You see, I have this habit of speaking aloud every word that I write… and Specky has this habit of latching on to this writing discourses. It is a lovely relationship that we have… as she points out the flaws the moment she thinks she has spotted one.

So now, this tele-screen that is projected can be made bigger or smaller if I just pull it from its corners by my wand. To onlookers, it will all appear as waves… right? So I wave to create my own infotainment. I mean, if a screen is there, can a keyboard be far off? This obviously means that I do not have to carry laptops, iPads, Tabs and other gadgets and devices. They are all there – paid for, of course – but controlled by waves of my wand… oops! My Magyte!

So it is defined shapes that I will wave that will create the device that I want. Now the best part of this magical wave is that I can even let others use my device that is actually using virtual space. I may just need to wave a few more times and connect to the password that Specky actually is, for my Magyte. Ha! Ha!!

I looked at Specky at this point and then explained, ‘You see, I will just need to execute the password assigned to you which could be xxx, for instance, and you’d be connected to the device there and use my keyboard to type out your ideas on my computer! Got it?’ Well, some of you may just need to re-read this part to understand what I’ve written… but I can assure you that everything is crystal clear and simple enough.

The Wallop

The wand and the wave, I think are quite clear now. My Magyte, or the futuristic smartphone has to have another trait… the wallop! The world, you see, is full of evil people and those who go about burgling, raping, teasing, vandalising, abducting… and even doing little acts of corruption. My Magyte will give me the instant power to wallop them as soon as I notice one doing any act that is not lawful.

Now if you think this gives me unwholesome power, you’re mistaken. My Magyte will have all the law books of the world tutored into it and will know instantly if the action that I am asking it to take is legally correct or not. And once my action is approved, all I will need to do is swing my wand as if I am walloping someone and the culprit will actually experience that sting! Well, I could actually draw a whip and get into some hardcore whipping action too but that will be too gruesome even if the law of the land made provisions for it… so I will remain content with wholesome walloping of the lazy no-good folk and leave the rest of the punishment to the police of the times.

Well, the Magyte will also immediately inform the police with all the details of the crime as noticed by me… and the criminal will be stunned by my wand to remain frozen until the police reached there to take charge.

The Walker

This part is really interesting… and frankly I fell in love my creation of Magyte or my futuristic smartphone because of this one.

The walker is a set of commands that will be automatically generated in my Magyte once it has my physical and medical details. It will have a set of exercise recommendations that I can choose from and will send out electrical impulses through the ring that I am wearing telling me to begin. Obviously, there will be a time, a time limit, and also a set of riders that I can employ if I want to postpone an exercise regimen… I mean, I might just be in the midst of writing a blog for an indiblogger contest and my Magyte will know how important that is! So it will reschedule my exercise time… and I will walk to my exercise when I am ready.

The wonder

So yes, the future is surely all set with some such wonder… and the convergence of emotions, habits, actions, creativity, interactions, and productivity will be guided into folds of technology and a bit of magic!

So what else can my Magyte do? The best thing is that my Magyte will draw a phone from the thirties too and I can actually talk to my buddies in the old-fashioned way using a device from the past! Yes, the blob that I wear on my ring is primarily a phone… but one that goes beyond that all the time.

‘Can your Magyte click pictures?’ asked Specky.

‘Of course it can,’ I said, ‘I will just wave-draw a circle inside a rectangle and my camera is ready. I can pull it in any direction. I can tilt it upwards or downwards and then make it as wide as I wish to by taking the wand further or near it. I just need to click or cluck or make the right sound that is the command for a click and my picture is done. The picture is, of course, in true colours of nature and I can then even print it by waving a printer into existence. Or just swish it into my album in virtual space! Simple.’

Specky looked speechless.

I know this day isn’t very far into the future.






This post is written reflecting ‘In search of incredible… #incrediblezen … ‘… ‘Taking inspiration from the super powers of the ASUS Zenphone, give your phone a super power and tell us how it would help you see what others can’t see and do what others can’t do!’
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Arvind Passey
25 July 2014